Single-Origin Volcanic Nicaraguan Turmeric (0.6 oz)

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From the eternal spring of Matagalpa, Nicaragua comes the most powerful turmeric powder available, grown in rich volcanic soil, boasting an extraordinarily high level of 9% curcumin (the active healing ingredient that helps fight inflammation and supports a strong immune system.) 

Containing no additives, our turmeric is hand harvested, washed only with the purest water and solar dried in the tropical sun along the rolling volcanic mountains of Northern Nicaragua . This turmeric powder truly is a treasure from an undiscovered paradise, bringing a warm, earthy and almost indescribable healthy taste to your wellness routine.

  • Origin: Matagalpa, Nicaragua
  • Helps Support a Strong Immune System
  • Helps Reduce Inflammation
  • Supports Healthy Joints & Brain Function
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health

No preservatives. No additives. Kosher certified, Vegan, Non-GMO.